Worship Services
5:30 PM Saturday | 8:00 AM Sunday (traditional)
10:30 AM Sunday (contemporary)

Christian Education
9:15 AM Sunday

Congregational Survey

We are asking everyone to go online and fill out a simple survey about our church, giving us a snapshot of how we’re doing. We want input from every one of you. It makes no difference if you have been a churchgoer all your life, or whether you just started coming this week; whether you are a member, guest, or regular attendee – We want to hear from each one of you. It comes through our Synod, and will be available until May 29.

To take the survey, go to: http://lcms.cadds.alchemer.com/s3/&cong=C276777.

If taking the survey online is impossible for you, you can fill out a paper version of it, and a member of the Call Committee will manually input your responses into the Synod’s database. The paper copy is available in the Church Office, and should be returned to the Office when complete (you can place it in my office mailbox outside of normal office hours). We believe it will take about 20 minutes to complete the survey. Thank you for investing that time!

Your responses to the survey will be completely anonymous. No one will know your name, and no one here at St. John’s will be seeing any of the individual responses. It is important that you are honest so that we can have an accurate assessment of where our church is and answer the question, “Where are we…really?” Thanks!