Worship Services
4:00 PM & 5:30 PM Saturday | 8:00 AM Sunday (traditional)
10:30 AM Sunday (contemporary)

Christian Education
9:15 AM Sunday

Announcements (Page 4)

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Announcement Regarding In-Person Worship

We rejoice that the Governor has removed the barriers to public worship, and we know that the hard work of meeting together carefully will begin soon. This weekend our worship is still online only. Wear red for your Pentecost worship at home! The elders and I will soon tell you about our plans for worship…

Ascension Day Worship Signup & Information

The Ascension of Our Lord always falls on a Thursday – 40 days after His resurrection. It’s rarely celebrated on that day. But this year is different. We’re having a Worship Service on Thursday, May 21, on the grounds of St. John’s Lutheran Church! Since space is limited on the lot, there will be two…