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Today’s Light Bible Reading Program

As a church family, we will be reading through the Bible for the next two years, beginning with Isaiah on January 1, 2021. We hope YOU sign up to use “Today’s Light” from Concordia Publishing House. Interested? Watch the video below.

We have two options for signing up:

Option 1
You can go here to order your one or two year subscription to Today’s Light, which you will receive by mail each quarter. The cost is $28/year, or $50 for the full two years. (If you order one year, you’ll need to order the second year next fall.) Note: When ordering, see the box at the bottom for “Order Notes.” Add this: “Begin my subscription with the Jan-Mar 2021 First Quarter.

Option 2
Accept a gift from one of our members. Here’s the offer I was sent last week: “A member wants to motivate others to get into God’s Word on a daily basis for the year 2021. For this to happen, our congregation has been gifted with a ‘Pay It Forward’ program. 10 people can sign up to receive “Today’s Light” as an early Christmas gift. Once these 10 spots are filled with people wanting the Holy Spirit to strengthen their faith, another 10 slots will appear. And another. And ANOTHER. It’ll be like Elijah and the Widow at Zarephath. Just as her oil didn’t run out until the Lord sent rain on the land, may He send people that can’t wait to hear more of what He’s done for them EACH day!” To accept this gift, please write this on the top of the attendance card you place in our offering box at worship: “I’d like to accept the Today’s Light GIFT.” Our office will sign you up, and your subscription will be paid. Be sure to include your full mailing address. If finances would keep you from ordering “Today’s Light,” please rejoice and accept this gift.

For either option, sign up by December 1. You will be blessed.